5 Awesome Benefits Of Frameless Shower Screens

Are you still undecided whether to go frameless shower screen or framed shower screen? For your guidance, we have narrowed down 5 benefits of frameless shower screens and hopefully help you make a quick decision now.

1. Less time spent on cleaning

Cleaning a shower screen can be really strenuous, particularly for the framed model. Every edge needs to be carefully scrubbed to remove stubborn soap residue including watermarks. With frameless shower screens, the cleaning requirement is quick and easy. All you need is a piece of wet rag to clean the entire glass surface.

2. Durable

The traditional shower screens with steel frame often require regular maintenance to ensure they function well. Most of us may feel that frameless shower screens are more prone to breakage because of the glass material used. But, on the contrary, this glass has surpassed the quality testing procedure to ensure its durability. In fact, according to the custom mirrors Sydney expert the glass used for frameless screens usually undergoes special kind of treatment to make it scratch and shatterproof. So, expect a frameless shower screen to be stronger and durable than your old framed shower screen.

3. Hygienic

If your target is to maintain the highest level of hygiene inside the bathroom, then, install a frameless shower screen. According to the custom mirrors Sydney company Norska, the steel framework of the framed shower screen can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and molds. These organisms can be health hazards as they can spread and contaminate every user of the bathroom, causing various illnesses. For a more hygienic bathroom, the frameless shower screen seems to be a contributing element to achieve this goal.

4. Aesthetically appealing

Yes, frameless shower screens according to the custom mirrors Sydney expert are more aesthetically appealing than the framed shower screens. Why? The glass material is made from top quality textured glass material, depicting elegance and timeless beauty.

5. Easy installation

Installation of a frameless shower screen is a lot quicker than the framed shower screen. Why? Unlike the framed shower screen wherein the installer will need to screw first each piece of the framed shower screen the installation for frameless would only consume less time.

Have you finally decided to go for a frameless shower screen? I do hope the above benefits have given you valuable insights of frameless shower screens. If yes, then, go and visit the official website of Norska, a pioneer in design making, fabrication and production of custom mirrors Sydney, frameless shower screens, glass and custom cabinetry. Call now and book a private consultation. This is perfect timing to do a bathroom makeover and it all starts with a frameless shower screen.

Date posted: 2019-07-02 | posted by: norska

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