What Will Dictate The Pricing Of Custom Made Furniture?

Are you curious how an expert furniture builder determines the pricing of each ordered custom-made furniture piece? Well, whether you are ordering a customised bed or family dining table and chairs several factors will affect the pricing. It’s very common to find custom-made furniture to cost more than mass-produced furniture piece. The pricing derived by the furniture builder could be due to the following:

1. Materials

Yes, this is a major factor when it comes to pricing a custom-made furniture piece. When a customer meets up with a furniture builder for the first time the selection of materials to be used will generally affect the overall cost of each job order. For example, if a potential customer requests real leather instead of synthetic leather for the creation of a family sofa, then, expect the price to be a bit expensive. It’s normal for custom made furniture pieces made from high-end quality materials to demand a higher price tag than a furniture making project that is made from cheaper materials.

2. Furniture making technology to be used

Each type of custom-made furniture piece may require a special type of technology in order to create a masterpiece. Unlike mass-produced pieces, wherein the furniture making process uses the same technology and often times require the paying customer to resort into DIY the customised furniture like the built-in home office cabinets may undergo various phases before the final output is produced. So, expect with the furniture builder company to discuss with you the design, selection of materials including the methodology applied.

3. Quality control

When it comes to customisation of furniture pieces like chairs, tables, beds including kitchen cabinets quality control is crucial. This is why a reputable furniture making company only employs highly skilled manpower to oversee the production and quality assurance testing of each piece produced. They need to ensure the customer will get exactly what he or she wants on each furniture piece ordered and paid.

4. Warranty

Similar to commercially made furniture pieces wherein warranty may apply the custom-made furniture builder also complies with the warranty coverage. So, if you discover flaws including minor defects on ordered built-in home office cabinets upon delivery rest assured the furniture builder will either make a replacement or do the necessary amendment in compliance with warranty policy agreement.

Is custom-made furniture worth more than its price tag?

Yes, being a proud owner of a custom-made furniture piece is already a plus point on your end. Why? Imagine you get a chance to create a unique masterpiece that can’t be seen at any furniture store. Owning a customised furniture piece isn’t only a way to impress others, but, definitely an expression of your personality

Do you need expert advice for your custom-made furniture?

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Date posted: 2019-07-11 | posted by: norska

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