Character Costume Makeup Tips

Character Costume Makeup Tips

Good makeup is key in just about every great Halloween costume we have seen. Make the coming Halloween party your best one ever by using these awesome makeup ideas to help you achieve the perfect look. Another great thing about them is that they are easy, fast, and simple to recreate. With some direction, you can pull off a few simple Halloween makeup ideas in no time.

Start the process with deciding your costume for the coming Halloween party. If you are new to the makeup game, try to look for a costume that requires less makeup. Depending on your preferences, you can be smart, cute, spooky, or completely weird in a stunning Halloween costume, and you can tie it all together with just the right amount of makeup. You do not always have to have a complicated costume to look awesome for the event.

Some people might prefer dressing up as a fairy to get the opportunity to wear wings and a lovely dress. This costume is also perfect for all of you girls out there that want to dress as something sinister but without looking too scary.

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For the simple collegiate Halloween costume, you may not need much beyond a black striped or checked shirt and black hat. You can also go for a black dress, which can be paired with a white button-up, and remember the adorable pink fuzzy hair scrunchies to complete the look.

You can also wear your hair in two full-on ponies (a lot of teasing and texturing sprays would go a long way to accomplish that). Top it up with black or deep, cherry-red lip colour and some seriously heavy makeup. Your typical foundation, heavy contouring, dark purple/black eye makeup, and black/blue lipstick are your makeup essentials for it.

Blend the black makeup into the outer corners of each eye for a smoky look. While leaving one eye bare (or very lightly painted), strongly outline your other eye with black liquid eyeliner, adding fake eyelashes to accent the look. For the Fallen Angel costume, grab some of the darker eyeshadows, and blend them well to create the best cat-eye look. To add that extra drama, you can try putting on some coloured contact lenses to check which one looks best on you. For a more spooky look, check out Halloween contact lenses in New Zealand that can help you create some special effects.

Makeup-only outfit is also a good option as it is easy to recreate using the coloured eyeshadows that you already have in your collection, along with a little bit of pink lipstick, golden highlighter, and a few facial jewels. You could mix it up with some of the makeup you might have, but the gold makeup for the costume would be a statement. The great thing about this makeup effect is that the face is the costume, so you can play a lot more with different colours.   

If you are one of those people who forgot Halloween was right around the corner, do not stress. Any costume that is cute or pretty can do the trick with some fantastic makeup applicate to change the entire game.

All in all, whether you are going for ethereal angels or an edgy take, your makeup look should be the definition of glamour. From fallen angels to Hollywood-chic glitter, get ready to come to the party wearing your best look ever. Don’t forget – although a little goes a long way might be true for other days, but definitely not for Halloween. It is the time of the year when you get a chance to experiment with different looks and have the time of your life.

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