The power of amazing eye makeup

The power of amazing eye makeup

Doing the right eye makeup can greatly improve one’s appearance and make one feel better about themselves. The most important aspect of applying eye shadow, and makeup application, on the whole, is to blend it well. Lipstick and eye shadow are makeup basics, as they accentuate your features. Evening out the skin colours and contouring with makeup, and then using eyeliner and lipliner to add in the details can make a big difference.

With makeup, you can get a slightly brighter or more attractive complexion. You can go for a more matte foundation or a glowy one to create a look that makes you look and feel the best on camera. Eye makeup involves a lot of shaping, whether that is making eyes more almond-shaped using the Fox Eyes trend or a 60s-era Twiggy-Esque mascara with the brush, making them appear larger.

One big reason for that is not because you do not appreciate the importance of your natural eye shape; it is because the technique involved with applying eye makeup requires specialised skills. Despite saying that, you cannot deny the fact that applying makeup to your eyes is a Herculean task.

Put simply, you can avoid a lot of undesirable problems with your eyes by applying your makeup properly and practising proper hygiene techniques. Bad habits and poor hygienic conditions can negatively impact the health of your eyes and lids.

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It has been found that our eye region can absorb everything that we put on it, including mascara, and wearing conventional eye makeup puts us at a high risk of having unpleasant chemicals get into our systems. This could cause issues such as dry eyes and irritation. Applying eye makeup at your waterline – the back of the eyelids, the place your eyelids meet your eyes – is most likely to clog the meibomian oil glands. Always apply makeup past your eye line, far from your eyes, to avoid blocking oil glands on the top or bottom eyelids.

Use a single layer if doing natural makeup on your eyes, but be sure to avoid getting your eyelashes stuck together while applying mascara. Simply use a natural-coloured eyeshadow, then apply the eyeliner swooping style. For a more subtle look, pick out an eyeshadow shade that complements the colour of your eyes. You can check out some amazing coloured contact lenses online to find the shade that looks more natural and lifts up your entire fashion game, or go for Halloween contact lenses instead to recreate the look of your favourite movie character. As they say, eyes are windows to the soul; putting more effort into doing perfect eye makeup can not only make you look more beautiful but also feel it.

Always remember that eye shadows can add depth and dimension to an eye, complement its colour, make it look larger, or just bring them into focus. Natural eye shadows can vary anywhere from a shiny gloss on the eyelids to a pinkish tone or even a silvery appearance.

If you start off with more subtle or neutral shades of eye shadow, then you can complement it with bolder lip colours to create an all-around balanced look. If you start with a dramatic smokey eye, you can balance that out with subtle lip colour and cheek colour. Here, you may want to apply eye primer first so that you can build up a smooth finish, and then use your average-sized brush for basic eyeshadows, which will give a natural finish.

Don’t forget – when you apply foundation, once you have finished the eye makeup, you are more likely to use less of it and get a more natural look. Even if you are a person who prefers to wear less makeup, don’t underestimate the importance of good eye makeup. Although it takes additional effort to get it right, without it, your look is always going to be incomplete.

In addition to the above, in case you recently had eye surgery, do not wear makeup around the eyes until the eye doctor has told you that it is safe. If you do wish to apply eyeliner, be sure to do it on the side of the eyelashes, furthest away from the eyes. Removing your makeup before you go to sleep allows your eyes and eyelids a chance to rest from any potentially incinerating and irritating particles of makeup.

Both magnetic and adhesive lashes can irritate the sensitive skin around the eyes or dig in the eyes and scrape your corneas if they are applied incorrectly. Large glitters or incorporated pieces of makeup can scratch your eyes, just as getting sand or dirt can hurt your eyes.

To remove eyeshadow, you may want to use a commercial eye makeup remover, although rich facial washing usually will eliminate any trace of colour. Once you have successfully removed any trace of makeup from the eyes, you can rehydrate the area with a moisturising eye cream. 

In a nutshell, not everyone is born with the perfect set of eyes, but if you have proper makeup knowledge, you definitely can make your eyes more attractive. Eye makeup is something that allows us to really change our appearance; a right Smokey look can turn us into a red carpet-worthy diva, and a colourfully vibrant one can help us to showcase our creativity and personality to the world. 

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